Aoki Designs

"Evoking the rays of light within the heart - and activating our inner flame. 
Like a heart cracked open to reveal the limitlessness of our souls essence.  This fragrance is fresh, while a second layer appears to be comforting, evocative and heavenly."
Although this fragrance is quite feminine, it is also genderless and smells great on anyone. There is a subtle powdery scent that is reminiscent of french skin cream. 
Primary scent notes: Neroli, Copal and Amber
Neroli: uplifts mood, encourages relaxation
Copal: sacred oil, links energies of heaven and earth, grounding, powerful yet a gentle healer, transmutes negative energy
Amber: Comforting, protective, healing, calming
50ml- 1.7fl oz.
Formulated by Carrie Keller of Life Aromatherapy
Label Design by Robert Festino Creative